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Koihime Musou Girls and the Defenders of the Land of Morning Calm

In this column, I will introduce notable Chiefs of Staff, Chiefs of Naval Operations, Directors of Intelligence and Ministers of National Defense which are co-related with Koihime Musou Girls. Generals' names highlighted in cardinal reddenote the Koihime-Korean Catholics.

Ministers of National Defense, Republic of Korea
Li Dian (Ministers with the Surname of Lee) LEE Beom-seok (이범석/李範奭) - General of Korean Liberation Army, 1st LEE Ki-poong (이기붕/李起鵬) - Civilian (as Vice-President of ROK), 3rdMajor General LEE Jong-chan (이종찬/李鐘贊) - ROK Army, 8thLieutenant General LEE Byung-tae (이병태/李炳台) - ROK Army, 31stAir Chief Marshal LEE Yang-ho (이양호/李養鎬) - ROK Air Force (AFCS, JCS), 32ndGeneral LEE Kee-baik (이기백/李基百) - ROK Army (JCS), 24thGeneral LEE Jong-koo (이종구/李鍾九) - ROK Army (CAS), 28thGeneral Simon LEE Sang-hoon (이상훈/李相薰) - ROK Army, 27thGeneral LEE Joon (이준/李俊) - ROK Army, 37th General LEE Sang-hee (이상희/李相憙) - ROK Army (JCS), 41st
Zhou Yu = Air Chief Marshal JOO Young-bok (주영복/周永福) - ROK Air …