Bespectacled Koihime Musou Girls and Notable Bespectacled Clansmen, Part II: Kwak (곽/郭)

Introducing Kwak Clansmen who wear the glasses. This article is divided into subtopics; the Hyeonpung-Posan Lineage and Cheongju Lineage. Let's take a look.

The Hyeonpung-Posan Line
  • Kwak Sang-hoon (곽상훈/郭尙勳; Born: October 21st 1896 at the slopes of Mount Geumjeong, Busan Geumjeong-gu, ROK - Died: January 19th 1980 at Ui-dong, Seoul Gangbuk-gu, ROK) - A South Korean Politician and Korean Independence Activist before Korea liberated from Imperial Japanese Forces on August 15th 1945 (Gwangbokjeol). His pen name is SamYeon (삼연/三然). He was the Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea for 4th and 5th sessions in the Second Republic and Assemblyman for Incheon-gap (Incheon First Electoral District; May 31st 1948 - May 30th 1950) and Incheon-eul (Incheon Second Electoral District; 1950-1961). He became the Interim President of the Republic of Korea for a week (June 16th 1960 - June 23rd 1960) in prior to April Revolution that resulting Syngman Rhee forced to resign as President. In 1969, he received the prestigious award from the Government of the Republic of Korea; Order of Civil Merit, Mugunghwa Medal (Rose of Sharon Medal/1st class).
  • Kwak Ui-jin (곽의진/郭義珍; Born: May 27th 1947 at Bunto-ri, Gunnae-myeon, Jindo Island, Southern Jeolla Province, ROK - Died: May 25th 2014 at Wau-ri, Jisan-myeon, Jindo Island, Southern Jeolla Province, ROK) - A South Korean essayist, novelist and poet. She bagged three literary prizes in 1983, 1998 and 2006. She was the chairman of Sambyeolcho Research Council for History and Culture, focused on the History of Sambyeolcho Rebellion (1270-1273).
  • Kwak Byung-sun (곽병선/郭柄善; Born: 1942 at North Jiandao (Gando in Korean), Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, PROC) - Former Director of Kyungin Women's University (KIWU). He was in charge of Education and Science Bureau of the Committee of the Preparation for the Inauguration of 18th President of Republic of Korea, Park Geun-hye.
  • Kwak Seung-nam (곽승남/郭勝南; Born: Janurary 23rd 1975 in Seoul, ROK) - A multi-talented South Korean actor, singer and composer. He was debuted in 2002 as member of duo group Indigo.
  • Kwak Do-won (곽도원/郭度沅; Born: May 17th 1974; previously known as Kwak Byung-kyu) - A South Korean actor. He is best known for his roles, notably in the films The Yellow Sea (2010), Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time (2012), The Attorney (2013) and The Wailing (2016). Currently in relationship with actress Jang So-yeon.
  • Kwak Chee-young (곽치영/郭治榮; Born: April 22nd 1941 in Masan [Present-day Changwon MasanHappo-gu/MasanHoewon-gu], Southern Gyeongsang Province, ROK) - Former Assemblyman of Goyang DeogYang-gap (Goyang DeogYang-gu 1st Electoral District), Gyeonggi Province under Millennium Democratic's Banner (Present-day Democratic Part of Korea) from May 30th 2000 until his winning candidacy was cancelled in November 26th 2002. In prior to his position, he is the CEO of Korea Location Information Co. Ltd.
  • Kwak Sang-do (곽상도/郭尙道; Born: December 23rd 1959 in Daegu Metropole, ROK) - Assemblyman of Daegu Jung-gu and Daegu Nam-gu under Liberty Korea Party's Banner for 20th Session of National Assembly. He was served as Senior Civil Affairs Secretary to the Impeached President, Park Geun-hye.
  • Kwak Kyung-keun (곽경근/郭慶根; Born: October 10th 1972 in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, ROK, nicknamed KKK) - Former South Korean football player who plays at the forward position. When he transferred to Busan I'cons (Present-day Busan I'Park) in 2003, he changed his position to defender. He is the former Manager of Bucheon FC 1995 which plays on K-League Challenge from 2012 to 2013. Currently, he is the Principal of KKK Football Academy.
  • Kwak Sung-moon (곽성문/郭成文; Born: November 24th 1952 in Daegu Metropole, ROK) - Former Assemblyman of Daegu Jung-gu and Daegu Nam-gu under Hannara's Banner (Present-day Liberty Korea Party) for 17th Session of National Assembly. He switched allegiance to Liberty Forward Party to retain the seat in 18th Legislative Election and lost to Michael Bae Young-shik from Hannara Party. Currently, he is the CEO of Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO). A devout Roman Catholic, his baptismal name is 'Emmanuel'.
  • Kwak Young-jin (곽영진/郭濚鎭; Born: October 2nd 1957 in Cheongdo County, Northern Gyeongsang Province, ROK) - Former 1st Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of  the Republic of Korea during President Lee Myung-bak's Administration (November 17th 2011 - March 13th 2013). He received Presidential Citation in 1991 and Order of Service Merit Hongjo Medal (Red Stripes/3rd Class) in 2008.

The Cheongju Line
  • Kwak No-hyun (곽노현/郭魯炫; Born: August 7th 1954) - Former Superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education from July 1st 2010 to September 27th 2012. Stepped down after he was convicted with bribing rival candidate out to win the election. A devout Roman Catholic, his baptismal name is 'Paul'.
  • Kwak Soo-jong (곽수종/郭守鐘; Born: 1962 at Namsan-ri, Wicheon-myeon, Geochang County, Southern Gyeongsang Province, ROK) - A South Korean Economist who graduated from Yonsei University and University of Kansas in Economics. He hosted a radio show entitled 'Kwak Soo-jong's Front Winner News' in YTN Radio

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