Bespectacled Koihime Musou Girls and Notable Bespectacled Clansmen, Part I: Jeon-Fields (전/田)

For your information, here are eleven out of sixty-one Koihime-Koreans wear glasses. In this article, we have revealed twelve notable people from Jeon-Fields clan who wear glasses and majority of them are from the Damyang Lineage. Let's getting along with the Fields.

  • Chun Sook-hee (전숙희/田淑禧; Born: May 15th 1919 in Wonsan, Southern Hamgyeong Province (Present-day Gangwon Province), DPRK - Died: August 1st 2010 at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam Bundang-gu, Gyeonggi Province, ROK) - Older sister of the Founder of Paradise Group, Chun Rak-won and aunt of the Current CEO of the group, Phillip Chun. Her pen name is Byeokgang (벽강/璧江). As an aspired writer-essayist, she received the prestigious award from the Government of the Republic of Korea; Order of Cultural Merit, EunGwan Medal (Silver Crown/2nd class) in 2005.
  • Jeon Soo-ahn (전수안/田秀安; Born: August 12th 1952 in Busan Metropole, ROK) - Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea (July 11th 2006 - July 10th 2012). She took 18th Judicial Examination in 1976, a year after she graduated from Seoul National University in Bachelor of Law (LL.B). 
  • Jun Kwang-ryul (전광렬/田光烈; Born: February 11th 1960 in Seoul, ROK) - A South Korean actor who is best known for his roles in the television series Hur Jun, Jumong and King of Baking, Kim Takgu. Apart of his bachelor's degree of Music at Chugye University for the Arts, he obtained the honorary doctorate of Oriental Medicine at Kyung Hee University.
  • Jun Byung-hun (전병헌/田炳憲; Born: March 17th 1958 at Hongbuk-myeon, Hongseong County, Southern Chungcheong Province, ROK) - Former Assemblyman of Seoul Dongjak-gap (Seoul Dongjak-gu 1st Electoral District) for three terms (2004-2016) under Democratic Party of Korea's banner and present-day Senior Political Affairs Secretary to Current President of the Republic of Korea, Timothy Moon Jae-in. Apart of his political activities, he is President of Korean e-Sports Association (KeSPA). As an avid fan of e-sports, he does cosplay as well. 
  • Jeon Ha-jin (전하진/田夏鎭; Born: September 2nd 1958 in Seoul Jongno-gu, ROK) - Former Assemblyman of Seongnam Bundang-eul (Seongnam Bundang-gu 2nd Electoral District, Gyeonggi Province) under Saenuri's banner (Present-day Liberty Korea Party; 2012-2016). A devout Roman Catholic, his baptismal name is 'Stephen'. He is the Digital Division CEO of Hancom Incorporated and Chief of Digitalised Political Party for Saenuri Party. However, he was defeated by Lucius Kim Byung-wook of Democratic Party of Korea and lost his seat during 20th Korean Republic Legislative Election in 2016.
  • Jeon Yoon-chul (전윤철/田允喆; Born: June 15th 1939 in Mokpo, Southern Jeolla Province, ROK) - Former Chairman of Gwangju Biennale Foundation (2012) and Former Director of Board of Audit and Inspection of the Republic of Korea (2003-2008). Present-day Director of Nomination Management and Corporate Ethics for People's Party.
  • Jeon Young-taek (전영택/田榮澤; Born: January 18th 1894 in Pyongyang, DPRK - Died: January 16th 1968 at Sinseol-dong, Seoul Dongdaemun-gu, ROK) - Korean Novelist and Methodist Pastor. On January 16th 1968, he died in car accident after the taxi boarded by Jeon from his office was crushed by train.
  • Jun Sang-bum (전상범/田相範; Born: 22nd January 1934 in Junghwa County, Southern Pyeongan Province, DPRK) - Korean Linguist and Endowed-Chair Professor of Hanyang University. He is a graduate of Seoul National University in Bachelor of English Linguistics. In 1966, he proceeded his Master Degree at Columbia University in New York, majoring in English Education. In 1974, he obtained a doctorate from the Indiana University at Bloomington after writing the thesis about phonological aspects of late Middle Korean.
  • Jeon Jae-soo (전재수/田載秀; Born: April 20th 1971 in Uiryeong County, Southern Gyeongsang Province, ROK) - Assemblyman of Busan Buk-Gangseo Gap (Busan Buk-gu - Busan Gangseo-gu 1st Electoral District) under Democratic Party of Korea's banner.  A devout Roman Catholic, his baptismal name is 'Francis'. He was served as Sergeant of Republic of Korea Marine Corps.
  • Jeon You-soo (전유수/田惟守; Born: November 29th 1986 in Busan Metropole, ROK; previously known as Jeon Seung-yoon) - Pitcher for SK Wyverns and wears No. 31 jersey. He changed his name into Jeon You-soo in 2011, during his mandatory service with Korean Police Baseball Team. 
  • Jeon Woon (전운/田雲; Born: 1938 in Busan Metropole, ROK - Died: March 26th 2005 in Goyang IlsanDong-gu, Gyeonggi Province, ROK; previously known as Jeon Deok) -  South Korean actor in television and radio and father of South Korean Actress, Jeon Bo-mi. He debuted his first acting role in 1958 as an actor for the Busan MBC's Radio. He died on March 26th 2008 in Seoul because of colorectal cancer. 
  • Chun Rak-won (전락원/田樂園; Born: May 16th 1927 at Gyedong, Seoul Jongno-gu, ROK - Died: November 3rd 2004 at Asan Medical Centre, Seoul Songpa-gu, ROK) - Founder of Paradise Group, father of the Current CEO of the group, Phillip Chun and younger brother of writer-essayist, Chun Sook-hee. He was dubbed as Godfather of CasinoChun got started in the casino and hotel industry when he became a manager for the Olympus Hotel Incheon in 1965. Based on that experience, he was charged with running the Walker Hill Casino, a foreigners-only casino in what is now the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul Gwangjin-gu in 1968. He then expanded, opening a casino on Jeju Island in 1972, one in Kenya in 1974 and another one in Busan in 1981. His success allowed him to venture into hotels, duty-free shops, construction, tourism and other leisure-based businesses. His company, Paradise Group is taken from his name, 'Rak-won' (Nakwon in South Korean Format) which means 'Paradise' in Korean.

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