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Bespectacled Koihime Musou Girls and Notable Bespectacled Clansmen, Part II: Kwak (곽/郭)

Introducing Kwak Clansmen who wear the glasses. This article is divided into subtopics; the Hyeonpung-Posan Lineage and Cheongju Lineage. Let's take a look.

The Hyeonpung-Posan Line Kwak Sang-hoon (곽상훈/郭尙勳; Born: October 21st 1896 at the slopes of Mount Geumjeong, Busan Geumjeong-gu, ROK - Died: January 19th 1980 at Ui-dong, Seoul Gangbuk-gu, ROK) - A South Korean Politician and Korean Independence Activist before Korea liberated from Imperial Japanese Forces on August 15th 1945 (Gwangbokjeol). His pen name is SamYeon (삼연/三然). He was the Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea for 4th and 5th sessions in the Second Republic and Assemblyman for Incheon-gap (Incheon First Electoral District; May 31st 1948 - May 30th 1950) and Incheon-eul (Incheon Second Electoral District; 1950-1961). He became the Interim President of the Republic of Korea for a week (June 16th 1960 - June 23rd 1960) in prior to April Revolution that resulting Syngman Rhee forced to resign as President. In 19…

Bespectacled Koihime Musou Girls and Notable Bespectacled Clansmen, Part I: Jeon-Fields (전/田)

For your information, here are eleven out of sixty-one Koihime-Koreans wear glasses. In this article, we have revealed twelve notable people from Jeon-Fields clan who wear glasses and majority of them are from the Damyang Lineage. Let's getting along with the Fields.
Chun Sook-hee (전숙희/田淑禧; Born: May 15th 1919 in Wonsan, Southern Hamgyeong Province (Present-day Gangwon Province), DPRK - Died: August 1st 2010 at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam Bundang-gu, Gyeonggi Province, ROK) - Older sister of the Founder of Paradise Group, Chun Rak-won and aunt of the Current CEO of the group, Phillip Chun. Her pen name is Byeokgang (벽강/璧江). As an aspired writer-essayist, she received the prestigious award from the Government of the Republic of Korea; Order of Cultural Merit, EunGwan Medal (Silver Crown/2nd class) in 2005.Jeon Soo-ahn (전수안/田秀安; Born: August 12th 1952 in Busan Metropole, ROK) - Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea (July 11th 2006 - July 10th 2012). Sh…