Koihime Musou Girls and Related Korean Clans, Part III: Heo (허/許)

  • Blue = Yangcheon Heo Clan (Seoul Special City)
  • Dark Ochre = Gimhae  Heo Clan (Gimhae City, Southern Gyeongsang)

Heo (허/許), romanized as Huh, Hur and  is a Noble Korean Surname which means 'permit or advocate' in Sino-Korean Language, similar to Chinese Pinyin Xǔ. The surname Xǔ has multiple theories regarding its origin. The most credible one states that the surname Xǔ originated from the feudal state of Xǔ in the area of Xuchang in present day Henan Province, PROC, during the Zhou Dynasty.

A different theory states that the surname originated with the fabled Xǔ You, a sage in the time of the fabled Emperor Yao, not to be confused with the later another Xǔ You who was a military strategist of the warlord Yuan Shao during the late Han Dynasty period. Xǔ You's descendants carried on the surname of their famed ancestor, thereby establishing Xǔ as a surname. Later on in the history of ancient China, it became popular among scholars of the time to postulate that Xǔ You must have been the ancestor of that feudal lord whose surname was Xǔ.

The posterities with state as surname called Xǔ, were authentic known as Xǔ. In tale of Emperor Yao, Xǔ You posterities surname also called Xǔ. Xǔ by handing down was the person of integrity talented person of Yao and Shun time, lives in Jishan. After many years later, the posterity called this mountain as Xǔ Youshan. More than years ago activity near Yu Yingshui the basin under Jishan.

Back in Korea, the Heos traditionally trace their ancestry to Queen Heo Hwang-ok, the wife of King Kim Suro of Geumgwan Gaya, one of ancient kingdoms and a part of Gaya Confederacy. She bore ten sons, only two of whom retained the Queen's name. The Heos are traditionally considered distant kins of the Kims, who trace their ancestry to the other sons of King Suro.

As with most other Korean family names, there are many Heo clans, including the Gimhae clan - founded by Heo Yeom (허염/許琰), Lord of Garak (가락군/駕洛君) who was the 35th Generation-Descendant of Queen Boju Heo Hwang-ok and the GongAm-Yangcheon clan - founded by Heo Seon-moon (허선문/許宣文) who was the 30th Generation-Descendant of the same queen. Each clan consists of individual Heo families. Even within each clan, people in different families are not necessarily related to each other. These distinctions are important, since Korean law used to prohibit intermarriage in the same clan, no matter how remote the relationship; now, however, only those in a relationship of second cousins or closer may not marry.

Based on 2015 Korean Republic Census - provided by Statistics Korea (통계청/統計廳/Tonggyecheong/KOSTAT), there are 326,770 people who bear the surname of Heo. Hence, this clan is placed at 29th place in Korean Surnames List. There are five designated clans (본관/本貫) for this clan which are:
  • Gimhae Heo Clan (김해 허씨/金海許氏) = Originated from Gimhae City, Southern Gyeongsang Province, ROK
  • GongAm-Yangcheon Heo Clan (양천 허씨/陽川許氏) = Originated from Seoul Yangcheon-gu, ROK
  • Taein Heo Clan (태인 허씨/泰仁許氏) also known as Shisan Heo Clan (시산 허씨/時山 許氏) = Originated from Taein-myeon, Jeongeup City, Northern Jeolla Province, ROK
  • Hayang Heo Clan (하양 허씨/河陽許氏) = Originated from Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan City, Northern Gyeongsang Province, ROK
  • Hamchang Heo Clan (함창 허씨/咸昌許氏) = Originated from Hamchang-eup, Sangju City, Northern Gyeongsang Province, ROK

Even though Heo Clan is based on Queen Heo Hwang-ok in Gimhae, the Yangcheon Lineage dominates the list where this lineage consists of 149,505 people. The direct lineage of Heo Clan from Queen Boju of Geumgwan Gaya - the Gimhae Lineage only consists of 134,068 people.


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