Koihime Musou Girls and the Defenders of the Land of Morning Calm

In this column, I will introduce notable Chiefs of Staff, Chiefs of Naval Operations, Directors of Intelligence and Ministers of National Defense which are co-related with Koihime Musou Girls. Generals' names highlighted in cardinal reddenote the Koihime-Korean Catholics.

Ministers of National Defense, Republic of Korea
Li Dian (Ministers with the Surname of Lee) LEE Beom-seok (이범석/李範奭) - General of Korean Liberation Army, 1st LEE Ki-poong (이기붕/李起鵬) - Civilian (as Vice-President of ROK), 3rdMajor General LEE Jong-chan (이종찬/李鐘贊) - ROK Army, 8thLieutenant General LEE Byung-tae (이병태/李炳台) - ROK Army, 31stAir Chief Marshal LEE Yang-ho (이양호/李養鎬) - ROK Air Force (AFCS, JCS), 32ndGeneral LEE Kee-baik (이기백/李基百) - ROK Army (JCS), 24thGeneral LEE Jong-koo (이종구/李鍾九) - ROK Army (CAS), 28thGeneral Simon LEE Sang-hoon (이상훈/李相薰) - ROK Army, 27thGeneral LEE Joon (이준/李俊) - ROK Army, 37th General LEE Sang-hee (이상희/李相憙) - ROK Army (JCS), 41st
Zhou Yu = Air Chief Marshal JOO Young-bok (주영복/周永福) - ROK Air …

Bespectacled Koihime Musou Girls and Notable Bespectacled Clansmen, Part II: Kwak (곽/郭)

Introducing Kwak Clansmen who wear the glasses. This article is divided into subtopics; the Hyeonpung-Posan Lineage and Cheongju Lineage. Let's take a look.

The Hyeonpung-Posan Line Kwak Sang-hoon (곽상훈/郭尙勳; Born: October 21st 1896 at the slopes of Mount Geumjeong, Busan Geumjeong-gu, ROK - Died: January 19th 1980 at Ui-dong, Seoul Gangbuk-gu, ROK) - A South Korean Politician and Korean Independence Activist before Korea liberated from Imperial Japanese Forces on August 15th 1945 (Gwangbokjeol). His pen name is SamYeon (삼연/三然). He was the Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea for 4th and 5th sessions in the Second Republic and Assemblyman for Incheon-gap (Incheon First Electoral District; May 31st 1948 - May 30th 1950) and Incheon-eul (Incheon Second Electoral District; 1950-1961). He became the Interim President of the Republic of Korea for a week (June 16th 1960 - June 23rd 1960) in prior to April Revolution that resulting Syngman Rhee forced to resign as President. In 19…

Bespectacled Koihime Musou Girls and Notable Bespectacled Clansmen, Part I: Jeon-Fields (전/田)

For your information, here are eleven out of sixty-one Koihime-Koreans wear glasses. In this article, we have revealed twelve notable people from Jeon-Fields clan who wear glasses and majority of them are from the Damyang Lineage. Let's getting along with the Fields.
Chun Sook-hee (전숙희/田淑禧; Born: May 15th 1919 in Wonsan, Southern Hamgyeong Province (Present-day Gangwon Province), DPRK - Died: August 1st 2010 at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam Bundang-gu, Gyeonggi Province, ROK) - Older sister of the Founder of Paradise Group, Chun Rak-won and aunt of the Current CEO of the group, Phillip Chun. Her pen name is Byeokgang (벽강/璧江). As an aspired writer-essayist, she received the prestigious award from the Government of the Republic of Korea; Order of Cultural Merit, EunGwan Medal (Silver Crown/2nd class) in 2005.Jeon Soo-ahn (전수안/田秀安; Born: August 12th 1952 in Busan Metropole, ROK) - Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea (July 11th 2006 - July 10th 2012). Sh…

Latest Update: 34 Koihime-Korean Clans

Finally, the 34 Korean Clans associated with Koihime Musou girls are assembled. Added with two latest clans listed in 2015 Korean Republic Census, Kwan and Emphasis Ha Clans. 
대한민국 만세, 연희몽상소녀들 만세! Long Live the Republic of Korea, Long Live the Koihime Musou Girls!

Koihime Musou Girls and Korean Republic Census 2015 (Eulmi Year), REBOOTED: Part XVII (FINAL) - Enter the two NEW clans.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce two new clans that surfaced in the recent census, the Kwan and Ha Clans. Be advised that Korean Surname of Ha does not mean as Stream in Korean but it is the 'Emphasis Ha', as we used it in Korean Hanja before the promulgation of Hangul by King Sejong the Great, Fourth King of Joseon Dynasty in 1446

With three additional Koihime Musou Girls in Korea, the population of these girls who resided in the land of the Morning Calm increased to 61. 

Koihime Musou Girls and Korean Republic Census 2015 (Eulmi Year), REBOOTED: Part XVI - Demographics (Section G-경)

This is the last part of the Koihime-Korean Clan Demographics. Be advised that the demographics are applicable to the clan which consists more than 5,000 people. Let's finish this.

25. Kah Clan (賈 - The Merchant)
26. Kam Clan (甘 - Sweet)
27. Jegal Clan (諸葛 - Various Vines)
28. Dong Clan (董 - Direct and Supervise)

-Yep. That concludes our today's demographics.-

Koihime Musou Girls and Korean Republic Census 2015 (Eulmi Year), REBOOTED: Part XV - Demographics (Section F-기)

Are you calling for the mountains beneath Taebaek Range? Or.... flat lands beneath Yedang Plains in Chungcheong Province? You bet it. This is big rack and plank wood special of the Korean Clan Demographics. Enjoy. 

21. Yook Clan (陸 - Continent and Mainland)

22. Maeng Clan (孟 - Great, Eminent and First in Series)

23. Jeong Clan (程 - Journey Agenda)

24. Hwangbo Clan (皇甫 - The Great Sovereign)

- Next, the FINALE. -